Information about Claim tax benefits

Claim tax benefits is a service to make tax filing faster and easier so low-income Canadians can access credits and benefits. This service was designed and developed by the Canadian Digital Service (CDS) in partnership with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The service includes a letter inviting the tax-filer to use either an online or paper channel. Both channels are under development and cannot be used to file taxes at this time.

The team that worked on the service was known as Claim tax benefits. The actual service name is under development. In response to initial research, the product currently uses the name File taxes to access benefits. Further work is needed to finalize the name. The word “file” may not be clear in this content, especially for persons who are new to Canada.

For consistency, this website refers to the service as Claim tax benefits.

While the online repository is no longer actively maintained, the code is open source and in the public domain — all are free to clone and use it.