Technical Overview


Find benefits and services is a web application developed using the Next.js framework. It will be referred to as the App in the following.

Benefits Data associated with the App is stored using Airtable, a SaaS product that serves as both a relational database and content management system. The App reads data from and in rare cases (e.g. when a user submits feedback), writes data to Airtable via a web API.

Benefits Data

Airtable includes a convenient web interface (which, to a large extent, operates like a spreadsheet) that administrators of the App (i.e. VAC staff) can use to keep benefits data current and accurate. This includes associating benefits with a small set of eligibility requirements and categories, relationships that are reflected in the App UI as filters. Furthermore, most of the headings and labels in the App UI can also be changed in Airtable, allowing for simple textual changes to the App to be made without manipulating code. Changes to Airtable data can be reflected in the App immediately for QA or release to end-users.

The App

The App is essentially a client-side web application, though its constituent pages can and sometimes are rendered on the web server for various performance gains and connectivity/browser scenarios. The code that defines it is publicly available on GitHub. The repository also contains further information about the stack and methodology used to develop the App including…

  • How to run the code
  • Arguments for why the major components of the stack were chosen
  • The deployment process observed during development and the tools supporting it
  • The automated test coverage of and patterns used in the code base