The story so far…

The Canadian Digital Service (CDS) has started a partnership with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to improve the delivery of the new National Cybercrime Coordination Unit (NC3). This site documents what we’ve learned so far in terms of research, content, design, and tech through different phases of delivery.

Delivery phases

From November to December 2018, the team did Discovery research to start to understand the experiences of people affected by cybercrime and fraud and the technology landscape for reporting to the police.

From February to August 2019, the team built and tested different concepts and prototypes in an Alpha phase to develop a better understanding of the barriers victims face when reporting and what the police need to help victims.

From November 2019 to April 2020, the team publicly deployed a Beta version of the National Cybercrime and Fraud Reporting System to gain clarity around how this service will be used by victims and to build capacity with an RCMP delivery team that will be taking over the iterative design and development of the service.

Heading into Summer 2020, the CDS and RCMP team will move into a Transition Phase, where we will look to shift the service to 100% RCMP ownership. Along with this, we will take the learnings from the pilot and work to plan what the end-to-end full version of the service will be, and how we get there.

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