Find benefits and services is a web-based application that makes it easier for people to filter through a list of benefits or services and discover which ones might be relevant for their needs, and to know what their next steps might be. The product can be adaptable to different kinds of information and data that people might need to filter through.

This open source product was built by the Canadian Digital Service and is in the public domain.

How it works

The application first guides people through a series of multiple-choice questions to help identify their needs, and then an option to narrow down their results by selecting categories of interest. The app then presents them with a list of benefits that match their needs and interests. Each benefit includes a link to a separate page to get more information. The product can list additional information about what each benefit provides as well as any alerts or dependencies. People can change their answers at any time to explore different results.

People will also be presented with a series of next steps – this is information that can be related to learning more, applying, or contacting someone for more information. These next steps vary depending on how people answer the question series, because some next steps might only be relevant for certain people.

Live instances

The application is typically hosted by individual departments, with features and branding unique to their users and needs.

Current instances of Find benefits and services include: