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GCDocs for protected digital files

We put files with protected personal information on GCDocs.

How to get to GCDocs

  • On your TBS computer, [navigate to our research folder directly].
  • If you’re not on the TBS network, you will have to connect to the VPN before your open GCDocs.

Using GCDocs

  • Store files in a sub-folder named after each employee. If one doesn’t already exist, you can add it yourself. (Click the add folder icon beside “Add Item”.)

Creating a new file

  • Create the file (e.g., Word, Excel, or audio recording) on your TBS computer.
  • Navigate to your product sub-folder.
  • Press “Add item” → “Document”.
  • Beside “Existing”, press “Choose File”. Choose the file from your TBS computer.
  • Press “Add”. A new window will open.
  • Fill out each required field (the ones labelled with a yellow caution triangle):
    • Document type: press the small black triangle; a new window will open, choose the type that best describes your document (e.g. “Dataset” or “Notes”).
    • Language: choose the language of your file.
    • Classification: Protected A or B, depending on the sensitivity of the information.
  • Press “Done” in the window.
  • Press “Add” again. You’ll be redirected to a page for your file.

Congrats, you’re done! You can copy the URL and send it to another team member if you need to share the file.

Viewing or modifying an existing file

  • Navigate to the file’s page within your product sub-folder.
  • Click “Download” to save it locally, to view or edit.
  • If you’ve modified the file locally, click “Add version” to re-upload the file. Choose the file and press “Add Version”. GCDocs will add it as a new version.

As a best practice, do not click either “Open” or “Edit”. Changes may not save properly if you do.

What we put on GCDocs

Any digital material that’s protected information, including:

  • Job interviewee notes or evaluations

What we don’t put in GCDocs

  • Put non-protected files (like interview plans or project work) in Google Drive.
  • Store protected papers in our locked filing cabinet.
  • Classified (like “secret” or “topic secret” documents) can’t go in any of our systems or filing cabinets. Refer to TBS’ guidance on handling it.

Who uses GCDocs when

  • You are responsible for storing all files with protected information on your TBS computer or GCDocs. Use GCDocs to securely store your files or to share them with other members of the Talent team.

- Last updated by Andrea on July 25, 2019