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About us

The Talent team strives to identify, attract and hire top talent that enables CDS to build a positive work environment where the team has plenty of opportunities for development and is built on a culture of inclusion and coaching.

Who we are

Andrea Gilbrook (head of talent)

Alexa Davidson

Brock Higgins

Jessica Loadenthal

Stephanie Gauthier

Sana Qureshi

What we do

Talent’s people centred and data-driven approach to supporting our employees, makes Human Resources (HR) stuff easy and intuitive. We are focused on providing an amazing experience to past, present and future CDS team members.

We do this by:

  • Ensuring we’re building repeatable & scalable processes.
  • Running programs and learning events that enhance the employee experience.
  • Providing direction and support for the hiring process.
  • Creating tools to help balance the candidate experience and our legal requirements.
  • Acting as the culture champion including leading the culture pulse survey quarterly and building action plans for improvement.

Last updated by Andrea on August 29, 2019